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I have moved my blog to a new location:, so from now on this blog (host: will remain as it is without any further updates.

I migrated my blog to a new host for the greater freedom it provides. Apart from some changes in design and functionality, as well as some advertisements I will be placing on the blog, nothing will change! So make sure to check here for the latest posts!


Martin Kayser


I am currently staying with Mil and Maureen again. During my time here I will be visiting El Jobal, Antigua (Guatemala) and some other places! This means that for the next week or so I won’t have time to update my blog. Bis geschwenn!


And I got it all back; my computer, my phone, my iPod and all those other things that mean so much to whats left of my consumer state of mind! Many posts are to follow about this month I spent living like the kids here at the Hogar, but first I will be spending my time getting in contact with all my friends and family again!


Well I am still offline (another scheduled post written on the 28th of February) so it seems like all is going well and I am having a good time living this new experience. This is like a message to my future self; so I hope all is well and that you survived your time in an internet- and phone-less world!;)

I should be back online next week (28th) or by the 1st of April, see you then!


When the rain comes splashing down.

You might have noticed the ‘social vibe’ widget on the side (->) of my blog. It would be great if you could click on it to help FOR FREE! and it takes less than a minute…

Today is my last day with internet, so everything that follows was pre-scheduled (until the 1st of april). Spent the weekend (apart from being sick) saying bye to family and friends ( 😦 ) and taking last-minute preparations for my month offline.

So I am hoping for this to be a fruitful experience and to see you again in 1 month!

Adhios y hasta pronto!