Santa Ana I’m back


Santa Ana, city center:





On Saturday morning Don Carlos went to the mercado to buy himself some fruit and vegetables. I’ve gone there a few times to buy some local fruits that I hadn’t eaten yet, walking tensely through the crowd of people, knowing that this isn’t one of the safest places. It was a day like any other in this open street market. People everywhere, doing their weekend shopping, when something horrible happened. A man, just like any other, walked up to two men who were selling vegetables on sidewalk and, without a word, started shooting them. Multiple bullets hit and the two men went down. Laying over each other, in a pool of blood, thay had been killed. Carlos ducked down, his heart pounding.

We read this stuff in the newspaper everyday, but then hearing it as a personal account it’s a different thing. Why were they killed? Probably didn’t pay their rent, had some bad connections or said something bad about someone. And it was most likely memebers from the local gang that did this.

Parents visiting the kids:



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Day 140 – Santa Ana

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