Super Hot Monday


One of the hottest days I’ve experience so far, and just this day

I left for one of the places most far away, without a lot of trees (life saving shadow) and where it is even hotter than in the Pueblito itself. But the day began with a lot of driving. First we went to Usulutan to refuel, but when we arrived in the main offices of the Ministerio de Salud here in the region the team got into trouble for coming with the driver to refuel the car while they should all be out working. We then arrived at our destination at 11 o’clock, about 3 hours after leaving the Unidad the Salud.


(Deforestation is becoming an ever bigger problem…and it does not look very nice either!)


When we arrived I was first astonished by the beautiful view! Rio Lempa making its way through this mountainous region.


But later I realized in what hell I had landed. The heat was killing me; all sweaty I made my way from house to house, one further away than the other.






Later we went down the mountain to a small village to finish off some last houses before heading back to the Unidad de Salud, where we arrived at 3 o’clock.




This man currently lives on the back of his truck; a temporary situation until he can build his house.

Day 135 – San Agustin

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