The new kid, again & a terremoto…


Well today was a crazy day. But let’s begin at the beginning, continuing the story from yesterday! As you know, Julio came to visit yesterday so I could buy some things for the foundation. I got myself a nice bag of beautiful necklaces and bracelets that Mr. Calmes will be taking back to Luxembourg at the end of April. He was very happy and thankful about the money, which will mainly help him in his further studies at the University of San Salvador. In the following video, for you Spanish speakers out there, you can see a brief message from him:

After Julio left I began writing the profiles for all the kids in the home. I started this for myself in order to have some kind of documentation of the kids. I know them as people, but I want to know more about where they come from and their life outside of the Hogar!


In the afternoon I went to La Majada to take a 360′ shot of the place. On the way we, Don Nelson, Ever and I, stopped at a tourist lookout where I shot another 360°. The links to these are here:



The ‘houses’ along side the road.

The day began a little late for me as I overslept, getting out of bed at 6 (still way to early for my sleepy standards). As Don Nestor got back from his little vacation today I decided to head out with him. My primary reason was to get my hair cut (for the last time here, as I do prefer it longer), a spontaneous decision I took to not have to worry about my hair when I’m in San Augustin. In the end we also picked up some books I ordered on amazon as well as visiting a gun store, a first for me. The gun store was pretty interesting, and holding those guns gave me a weird feeling; especially knowing that everyday innocent people are killed by these weapons, here in El Salvador.


Areas controlled by the mara 18.

For lunch we had chicken, also a first here at the hogar (as far as I remember). In the afternoon I did exercises, like always, and later took the kids to computer classes, which is where the craziness began! The new kid, ever, had a little breakdown. After I told him not to mess with the computers he got angry and began throwing chairs around. I tried to get him to calm down, but it only got worse. He began swearing, saying not so nice things about me and my family. At the end of class I had to carry him back to the hogar. Here he began punching and biting me, sadly I don’t have any videos or photos of this. Luckily I had some help from Florentino on this part! After arriving at the hogar, all sweaty and bloody, I handed him over to Don Nelson who carried him to his room. Here he spent a few minutes trashing the whole place, until Don Nelson got him under control. An hour later he was back to normal, as if nothing happened. It seemed to have been another one of his emotional breakdowns; which I can’t take him wrong for, as for the situation he is currently in.


Later that day he managed to kill another bird, something he used to do at home to later eat them. Apart from that there was only me giving the kids their bike, now fully working. And with that another day here at the hogar took an end!

UPDATE: While editing this post I was surprised by a nice shaking. It was my first earthquake, ever! Weird, but I am not sure I want to experience that again. I was sitting under the tower, where I used to live, when all of a sudden the building started shaking and the roof was making squeaking noises. Only after this did I realise that it wasn’t only the building that was shaking, but everything. Car alarms started going off and I heard a man screaming ‘Ei, que paso?’. Short but sweet. I have a headache now and will go lie down. Hasta luego!

Day 107 – Santa Ana

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