El Mercado, la Lluvia y Julio


These past few days I’ve been going to the market a lot. Mainly to see the local life of people, but also to buy myself some local fruits in order to try them. I don’t want to have forgotten to try any local deliciousness before I leave this place. All in all it’s not the safest place to be, but I do enjoy going there, especially for it really gives me an unbiased view of the life of the Salvadorans.


Suniga, Brayan and Ever joined us on this trip to the mercado the past friday. The kids really enjoy going on these trips to the mercado.


Sadly I can’t take me camera into the market (for safety reasons) but I did take some photos from a distance/the car.


The scariest part about this market is that every 2 meters you see graffiti from the mara 18, who control this area. Probably due to this, the police presence is also small.

Some beautiful building in the city center, no one has the money to renovate.

Over the weekend we had a few rainy afternoon/nights, as well as a mighty thunderstorm last night. It’s refreshing to have this weather after the heat of the past few weeks. Still, it’s odd for this time, as the rain shouldn’t be coming until the following month.

Where Julia works part of his time; MUSEO AJA.

Today I will be meeting Julio again to buy more bracelets and necklaces from him. This time the stuff isn’t for me but for the foundation in Luxembourg who want to sell these products to support both Julio, and with the profit, their other projects. This will truly help Julio in what he is trying to accomplish with his life!


Day 106 – Santa Ana

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