He already made a name for himself


It’s only been his second day, but Ever has already made a name for himself (while giving me a nice shock). In the following video you can see what happened:

Why? This question is harder to answer. He is new, still doesn’t feel home here and so he is still a little emotionally unstable. What caused him to climb to the roof was an anger outbreak, when one of the kids took away a bird he caught and was maltreating (the bird in the picture above). Later he didn’t want to come down anymore, scared of the consequences. For this he tried to jump down the wall, in order to flee. Luckily we got him down before anything bad happened.


Before coming to the hogar he was in a home in Guatemala. He left his family and went to Guatemala all by himself, living on the street all this time. It was only until he was discovered as a street child that they sent him to a home. When they found out about his nationality they sent him here, to the Hogar Amor y Esperanza. This life he lived explains some of his actions. The staff here told me that things like this happened all the time back in the days when the kids all came from the streets.


After this incident Ever was back to normal, and didn’t attempt anything stupid anymore (let’s hope he will remain this way). When I talked to him he told me that he likes it here; but of course he would rather be with his mother, who the ISNA is trying to find.


What a day! Due to it being a Thursday it was a busy day as I was occupied the whole day (mainly with classes), but other than the Ever situation nothing special happened.

I am 9236 kilometers away from home 😮

Day 103 – Santa Ana

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2 thoughts on “He already made a name for himself

  1. itinerantyak says:

    Hello fellow wanderer. You have a unique perspective on El Salvador and a beautiful blog. I feel like a just found a new friend.

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