We count 16 again


Today the ISNA sent us a new child, the second time this year. His name is Ever, 9 years old, who was in a home in Guatemala before coming here. He arrived this afternoon, and this means that the number of kids has climbed to 16 again. Receiving this child was the result of a visit the ISNA made last week, when they came to check on the conditions of the home. With this first step we hope that they will be bringing us more children in the near future.


Other than that today was a day like every other. I didn’t head out with Don Nelson, and only left the hogar when I went to teach the kids in the talleres and to drink a coffee with Florentino. After lunch I gave myself half an hour to relax, but fell asleep and so wasn’t able to do my hour of workout until the tonight. Now that I think about it, it’s good that I fell asleep as it saved me from the afternoons heat. April is the warmest month here in El Salvador, and I am already starting to feel it. Today we had 35° Celcius here in Santa Ana. Other places in El Salvador had up to 40°C, so I guess I can call myself lucky with where I am!


Today I took some new 360° images which you can see in the following links (they might take some time to load):

Day 102 – Santa Ana

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