The Guardian

For the first time since coming to La Majada I spent some time talking to the guardian who works here on weekends. The first thing I realized is how he was in no normal state, so be specific; he was probably high on marijuana. This is however only a thought and I can’t be sure, but to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me.

He told me that he fought in El Salvador’s war 20 years ago, a soldier of the national army. He was only 14 years old when he began. In total he spent 7 years fighting combats in the mountains of the El Salvadorian landscape, fighting the guerrillas. Today he does not know what he was fighting for. He explained how the propaganda was implanted into the youth of El Salvador, and making them, seemingly, kill for a good cause. No questions were asked, they did what they were ordered to do. Only later did he realize he was fighting his own country and killing innocent people.

Until today he is still asking himself many questions about this period; mainly ‘why?’.

But something he said shocked me; ‘When that war ended, a new one began, one that was by far worse then the first one’. It is the war of the maras on the people of El Salvador and each other. The gangs are taking the country apart. From what I have seen, these loving and hard working people deserve better! Only recently a friend of the guard was killed because he jumped in front of his brother who was the target of this murder. You may ask yourself why he was a target? Well, to join the mara you have to kill someone, its that easy (that horrible and that stupid).

Day 73 – Santa Ana


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