It’s Friday again, and I feel weird, as on Fridays I always get exited and energized, but for no obvious reason. After thinking about it for a bit I released it was a left over of the ‘luxembourgish’ me, as Fridays are the beginning of weekends; aka chilling with friends, relaxing and PARTYING. Relaxing is still part of my current weekend schedule, but partying has disappeared. I have to admit that I miss partying (and that stuff), but so far it hasn’t been a problem, just something I look forward to when I return to Luxembourg.

So today, after teaching my last English class of the week, I spent most of the rest of the day shoveling dirt outside the Hogar. I was helping Don Nelson and the kids with their work in the Plátanos plantation just opposite the home. Luckily the sun was blocked by clouds so that I didn’t have to worry about  suffocating.

For the weekend, that has just begun, I will be spending most of the time preparing myself for my month offline; away from all that I know and love so dearly! Exited but also curious as to what it will be like…



2 thoughts on “25-02-2011

  1. sarsm says:

    I still feel excited on Fridays ;-).

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