Trying to extend my VISA


Looking like a very promising day I headed out with Don Nestor, the driver, to San Salvador to get my VISA extended. After a, a little over an hour, drive we arrived in San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital. The ‘Ministerio de Inmigracion y Extranjeria’ was supposed to be located in one of the many big Shopping malls in the city. This specific one was called ‘Galerias’.


After some searching and asking we were told that the offices had been closed and moved to a new location. After a bit more looking and asking we were told to walk a few blocks where we would encounter the new offices. After we arrived we found out that these offices had not opened yet. So back to the car and off to look for a new place.


These other offices were located a little out of San Salvador, in yet another huge shopping mall. Here we got a skip a huge line (with an estimated waiting time of 3 hours!) and were told that this was not the place to extend your VISA, for that you must head to the main offices located in some other part of the city.


Here the hunger took me, an Nestor and me had a bit at ‘Mister Donut’, El Salvador’s ‘Dunkin’ Donuts’. While eating one of these delicious donuts, Don Oscar called and told us to return. We arrived back at the Hogar at 12.30, just in time for lunch. Now it seems like I will be heading to San Salvador again next week for another try at extending my VISA (which will hopefully be more successful).




The rest of the day I spent like usual; teaching Computacion and English, followed by a nice afternoon coffee with Florentino and ended by picking up the kids from school. After dinner I was refreshed by a rain shower; and, even thought we are not in the raining season yet, this rain was already above average for what I am used to in Luxembourg.







As I spent most of the day carrying around my camera, here a quick video clip:  

*This Monday a tragic accident happened on the Pan-American, with 16 casualties. (Click here for article) As I passed the spot I took some pictures, as well as a picture of one of the trucks that was involved:




Day 59 – Santa Ana

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