Heading for San Salvador today to get my VISA extended. Should come back with some nice pictures and will make sure to upload these before I go offline for a month!

And yesterday fell my first Salvadorian rain. Just in the middle of the day, out of nowhere, it started raining for a few minutes. Weird stuff, especially during this time of the year. But it did make me feel home for a second!



2 thoughts on “23-02-2011

  1. Anne says:

    Martin, it’s freezing out here! Forget about the rain: -4 and sunshine
    Did you get my mail? Here is another game you could play with real beginners, in case you have computers and internet access.
    How are you doing anyway? How is life treating you?
    Take care and lots of hugs and kisses from Luxembourg

    • Martin A. K. says:

      Io haut huet et och gereent bei mir! (an am moment reent et nach emmer) me mir gefellt et..makes me feel home:) Hun während der woch nie zait fir facebook, me kucken muer/iwermuer! A merci fir dee link! Et sin alles real (real) beginners.. Sos geet et mer gudd! vermessen letz natirlech e bessi, me hun mech lo gudd agelieft hei an packen et och nach bis juni!;) Freen mech awer schon op’d uni!! Wei as alles bei dir? Schecken’d kanner sech? Decke kussi aus dem (och wan et reent) emmer warmen El Salvador!!

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