La Oracion Profundo o Abismal


This weekend I took part at another Seminar at the retiro in La Majada. I was joined by 53 Catholics from a small town called ‘Lourds’. Most of these were elderly woman, but there where also 4 younger people present. This time around the seminar was completely organized by Padre Gloden, and he was also the only speaker.


Not like last weekend, this weekend was more relaxed and spaced out. One main point was that it was spent in silence. During the whole weekend we were not allowed to speak, unless it was urgent. I didn’t open my mouth from Friday night until Sunday morning; something new to me (and not the easiest thing…it made me realize how much I value talking).


The people where very nice, like always I could say. One man gave me a hug every morning, it was very moving. He was an elderly man, from his hands and face I could see that he had gone through a lot, like most people here, but he was still very loving. Another man had a hit mark on his left cheek, where he was shot by some mara members (gangs) in his village. The village where these people are from is one of the most dangerous places here in El Salvador, with very high homicide rates. There was barely anyone present who hadn’t lost a family member or friend through the gangs. Many mothers where there that had lost their children, something I can not bear to imagine. Its horrible what these people are put through!


Most of the free time we had (in-between seminars), I spent in the coffee plantations that belong to La Majada, and were opened on this special occasion. It was very relaxing wondering through these plantation and being in touch with nature. A beautiful place, quiet and only surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature. I went for a long stroll here, nearly getting lost; but still a tranquilizing hike. Sadly I don’t have many photos of this because the camera’s battery died shortly after entering the plantation.


A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see.

Day 56 – La Majada

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One thought on “La Oracion Profundo o Abismal

  1. Nanda says:

    Dear Martin,

    Still remember your Summer Camp staff? 😉 I gotta admit I stumbled upon your blog out of curiosity of your MSN status changes. When I started reading your notes here I couldn’t help to beam out of proud, how you have come a long way to help others, and from your very enjoyable sentences, I could tell you’ve grown from the kid you were that I remember 4 years ago.

    Your words are simple but touching. Love reading them. Keep up the good work!

    a + j’espere 🙂

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