The move to a new classroom


This weekend I got the keys to the doors of my new classroom! I immediately began cleaning it and preparing it for the first class I thought on Monday. Its great to have a classroom at your disposal. I can decorate it and organize it the way I see best fit and won’t have to be running around the Hogar with my documents, the kids notebooks and all that other stuff I need to hold classes. The kids also like the new classroom, especially that it is smaller and more comfy than the old one. They have also been behaving better since they are in this classroom as we are all closer together and I have better control over them.


Classes are still fun to teach but I must admit that it is very difficult teaching a herd of kids, especially English, a whole new language they know nothing about. They always seem more interested in translations of words that come to their mind that what I put on the board. There is so much to learn and it can become hard to keep it all organized for the most effective learning experience.


I leave the classes rather exhausted but also with a feeling of satisfaction that the kids have learned something, especially something this important for their future.

Oscar and Samuel during their Internet class.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Day 46 – Santa Ana

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