Los Cuartos


They don’t have a lot, but they have enough to live a happy life. They know this and respect it. Some kids have more, some less; depending on how well they take care of things, or of what importance ‘things’ actually are to them. Basic things are provided by the Hogar, so none of the kids come off short. One important thing the kids learn here is keeping themselves as well as their rooms clean. A disciplinary lesson that is very important for them and their future.

Here are a few examples of cuartos and their inhabitants:






Alejandro (suniga)



Day 39 – Santa Ana

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2 thoughts on “Los Cuartos

  1. Lisa Mclean says:

    Hi Martin, So glad Isa mentioned your blog. I’ve spent all morning reading about your adventure at the start of your trip and about your work there now. Very proud of you…I know your smile will make the kids happy. Be safe. Lisa and Stefan x

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