The art of Teaching, and how I thought I would never end here


Me? Really?? hmmmm…

I would have never thought that this would happen, but yesterday I began my duties as an English and Computer Teacher. Since a few weeks I have been giving one alumni English conversation classes so I kind of have some experience already. Still, this whole teaching thing is something completely new to me. I am well prepared for the classes but its difficult to know how the children will react, if they will pay attention, enjoy the lessons or even learn something from them. Keeping all this in mind, and not letting my nerves take control, I tried my best at the classes I taught yesterday. And I will do so for all further classes I am teaching.


I know they weren’t great, but at least I think it was a good start for someone as inexperienced as me. I am looking forward to improving my skills over the next few months. If, and only if, I get full control of these children and teach them what I had aimed to teach them will I be satisfied with my work. Below is a picture of me taking last steps in preparing my first English classes.


Teaching is much harder than it seems, especially if you want to do it right. Currently I have 5 English classes, 2 computer classes and 2 internet classes as well as the evening classes. Tight program for me, but I am handling it well so far. Its not the easiest thing keeping a group of under 10 year olds interested in what you are babbling about. It is one thing playing with children and keeping them busy, another teaching them something. I try combining both, always keeping them busy, not giving them time to start screwing around. It’s a skill I learned at my old school, something a few of my teachers did and which worked well. I am lucky to have had such good teachers in High School, as they have given me most of my education as a teacher. This is also the moment where I should apologies; Dear Mr. or Ms. (anyone who ever had the luck to teach me) I am sorry for the pain I brought upon you and hope I was not to hard to handle. I am beginning to realize the nerves and energy it takes to teach. Just saying.

Teaching, for me, is a work in progress and I hope I can fulfill my aims and the expectations of the Foundation.

Day 37 – Santa Ana

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