Daytrip to San Salvador


Yesterday I headed for San Salvador, the capital, with Don Carlos. We went to meet the Luxembourgish delegation, who would leave come back to Santa Ana with us. Here they will be spending their last days in El Salvador. I was nice seeing them again, and hearing them tell of their adventures from the past week.


When we arrived in San Salvador the Luxembourgish group was in the midst of a conference with students and staff of another project they fund here. For lunch we headed for Pizza Hut, a nice change in food, and then for another meeting. Here we met with nuns that run a home for woman in the capital. There was a very nice welcoming ‘ceremony’ where all the woman currently in the home sang for us when we entered. The house was nicely decorated and had welcoming posters with our names and Luxembourgish flags all over. The people were very friendly and thankful.






We talked to the nuns about their current projects, also making sure that the funding was well invested; which I must say is very well invested. The nuns in charge take their work very seriously and with a lot of discipline, but not leaving out their corazon. I personally was very impressed.


Currently there are also a few children in the home. All of them are ether physically or mentally very sick. It was very hard seeing children, so young and helpless, in such states. But they are being taken care of, something that would not be the case if they still lived at their home or on the street. Many had been abandoned by their parents or their parents themselves had problems and also lived in the home. One girl has cancer, and recently got her leg amputated; but the cancer keeps spreading.

We heard some very touching stories and I left the home with a very weird feeling in my stomach. What I saw and the stories that were told really hit me and left a mark.


Day 36 – San Salvador

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