Santa Ana


The Hogar is nice, yes, but there is more to this city than the Hogar. Today I decided to take my camera on the shopping tour I do with Don Nestor (the driver).


This is how the kids get to school everyday. Here is the group of students that have school from 1 until 5 in the afternoon, the older ones.


On of the main roads, here in direction out of the city.


A school for girls, close to the center.


The whole city center is covered in armed police men/woman and soldiers. I’m still not sure if this should make me feel safe or not.


The closer you get to the city center, the more chaotic it gets.


The westernization of El Salvador. It does not fit its style.


On the main square; the theatre. On the left is the City Hall.


Here an image of the square itself. Rather pretty looking, and of course with a reminder ‘No Guns’.


Next to the theater is Santa Ana’s main church.


Outskirts of the market (I didn’t get pictures of the market itself as I thought it was a little to risky)


One of many beautiful colonial buildings that is heading for its demise as no one can finance renovations.


Typical houses.


One of the main shopping centers in Santa Ana.


And some more security. Was very risky of me taking this picture, as a second later one of the soldiers turned around and saw me with my camera. He looker very mad and was close to coming and complaining.

The center of Santa Ana is rather safe, even for me as a gringo, as there are is a lot of security here and people are busier with their daily work then bothering anyone else. The more dangerous areas are on the outskirts of Santa Ana. So far I have not seen a single other white person in the whole of Santa Ana. The good thing about this is that there is no tourist industry, so people live their life and do their things as they traditionally do them, and nothing to impress tourists. In other words I get a real image of the people here, how they live and work.


One thing I must add: Here you can work as hard as you want; but you will never accomplish big things. There are no opportunities given to those that deserve them. People work hard, even WANT to work, but they get nothing back. Opportunities for the people that most deserve them don’t exist. The government staff has only itself in mind, filling its pockets and leaving the public to work itself to ruins just to get enough food to feed the family.  How sad is it that the greatest thing you can accomplish in a country is escape to the US. And then you must also remember, in Luxembourg [Western countries] even the laziest people get a decent standard of living without doing nothing.

Day 33 – Santa Ana

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6 thoughts on “Santa Ana

  1. Great pics! Really made me feel I was with you on the journey. I love reading about the places people visit- the old buildings look beautiful. Great post!

  2. It’s important to begin a search on a full stomach.

  3. kyani says:

    It?s exhausting to find educated individuals on this topic, but you sound like you already know what you?re talking about! Thanks

  4. Kayser Marc says:

    Martin !!
    schreiw net alles nidder wast Du bdenkst a fillst,
    Denk drun
    Feind hört mit an schwupp setzt Du an der Kescht!!
    Trotzdem sinn Deng REPORTS excellent

  5. Nanda says:


    good observation in the last paragraph. Indeed that’s what’s going on in developing countries. G to G development cooperation only fills the government ppl’s pockets even more, that’s why I have more faith in foundations and well-audited NGOs..


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