Washing machine

Everyone has one (of course!). It is also very time consuming and annoying.


I arrive in El Salvador, Mr. Calmes ironically says: “You will be washing your cloths on a rock Martin.” I laughed; life went on. Upon arrival at the Hogar, I am told my cloths will be washed for me. Relief. A few days later I find out that Mr. Calmes wasn’t joking. Even bigger relief. I talked to Señora Beatriz, who washes my cloths, if they don’t have washing machines here. She gives me a surprising look and asks “There are machines that wash your cloths?”. Hmm, maybe not everyone has a washing machine then? It surprised me very much, but the Salvadorians seem more surprised that there are machines which do this work, and that we use such weird machines.


Today I thought; time to integrate myself a little bit more. I have the spare time so I went up to Señora Beatriz and asked if I could wash my cloths from now on. Perplexed and and with a grin on her face, she showed me how. She left me stunned and not at all ready (or even capable) of copying what she did. I tried my best, and got a pair of socks cleaned after difficult 10 minutes. Wow this might take some time. But I am hoping of gaining these skills over time, and reaching the –1 minute in which she can do it.


Washing my own cloths (not just pushing them into a machine and pressing a button) has given me a whole different view on the matter. I can remember times in Spain where I was too lazy to even push this button, and now here I am washing every piece of cloth bit by bit. Fun stuff.

But on a personal point of view it gives me some alone time, and I don’t actually despise the work itself. (oh, and of course I am very proud…so independent and hard working right?!)

Day 31 – Santa Ana

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