The Sunday Mass


This Sunday was a rather sad day. It had been one year that Don Oscars son died in a car accident. To remember this we held a mass at the Hogar with about 300 guests. The kids sang the chorus while

Padre Gloden held the mass. Apart from this there is not much to say, other than it was very moving, especially Don Oscars speech, and that it was interesting meeting some more locals!


Here you can see the kids preparing everything for the mass that took place at 9 o’clock on this Sunday morning.


The chorus singing. All the kids with the red shirts are currently in the Hogar, the others used to be and joined in for this special occasion.


Padre Gloden giving the mass, with a picture of Braulio underneath, Don Oscars son.


A lot of people, including family and friends, came.


Due to the amount of people the mass had to be held outside. Don Oscar put a lot of time into the decoration; which ended up being magnificent.


Don Oscar during his speech.


After the mass there was a lunch for all the closer friends and family to take part in. Here I got to talk with Don Oscars other children, and some of his friends. It was very interesting talking to them and hearing their take on El Salvador and its current situation. The rest of the day we mainly spent cleaning up, and that was the end of my second Sunday here at the Hogar.

Day 29 – Santa Ana

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