Visitors from Luxembourg


Members of the Fondacion Luxembourg – El Salvador arrived Friday night here in El Salvador. It is a group of 4 staying here for two weeks to visit some projects they are funding.


It is great to see some familiar faces from Luxembourg again; it makes me miss awesome Luxembourg. But what I keep putting to my head is that I am here now, why think about Luxembourg as it will just ruin my experience. I live the life here and forget my other self, the one from Luxembourg. Great stuffWinking smile


Saturday we began by having breakfast at Don Oscars place, where I met his wife for the first time. A very kind person as well as a great cook! I ended up stuffing myself with food, ignoring the fact that I wasn’t hungry anymore. Hello stomachache.


In the afternoon I lead the group around the talleres (workshops) showing all the different classes there were, as well as visiting the doctor at the site (and taking some pictures of her in action).


After the guided tour we had lunch at Don Oscars place; once again a gourmet meal! Here is where the heart pumping begins. After lunch, Padre Gloden and me, headed to the Hogar before the others as we had to get some stuff done on the way. While driving on the highway, Padre Gloden wanted to overtake a car, not seeing one coming op on his left. Nearly hitting this car (by a few cm), he pulls the car back into his spot, but was speeding up to a car in front of him. Pushing the brakes to their limits, with the squeaking of the wheels and the smell of rubber he managed not to hit anyone/ anything. Wow, adrenaline kick.


When we arrived at the Hogar we had a meeting of the Funlasafa (Fundacion La Sagrada Familia). We spoke about the future of the home, some side projects that could be added, the problem with the school hosted in the talleres and how the teachers don’t give a f*** about the students and some other minors things. A very interesting meeting in which I played a major role as a translator. Later the group headed to La Majada with Padre Gloden, where they will be spending two nights before heading out.

Day 28 – Santa Ana

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  1. m frankl says:

    thank-you for your very lovely posts. i enjoy them immensly!!!!!

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