Desayuno, Almuerzo, Cena


I do not stand by observant, but I live with the locals. The society I’ve been ‘thrown’ into is as different to what I am used as can be. An great example is the food. Even thought I like

it very much, it is very different to what I am used to from Luxembourg.

These pictures where taken over two days, including breakfast, lunch and dinner:


A very typical breakfast; egg, beans and cheese with some milk and white bread. I got me some jam as little extra, something Salvadorians are not to fond off.


For lunch we got a bean and rice soup with some tortillas and water. As dessert we got a small mango from the mango tree outside the cafeteria.


Dinner consisted of beans, cheese and rice accompanied with tortillas and water.


The next day breakfast was once again eggs with cheese and beans, but this time accompanied by coffee (the usual beverage).


Lunch was special today, as we got served noodles and salad; something rather uncommon here at the Hogar.


Dinner was also rather special; instead of just getting beans, a sausage and cheese (like the other kids), I also got egg and a fried platano. Awesome right =) Again all of this was accompanied by tortillas and water.

Here the cooks I have to thank for all these lovely meals, GRACIAS: 01-21_17-42-25

Some quick updates: Friday night the group of 4 from Luxembourg arrived (including Mr. Scholer, the president of the Fundacion) and I spent all Saturday with them. A post on this will appear soon, as well as on tomorrow’s (sunday) happenings. It is a year on the date that Don Oscars son was killed in a car crash in Guatemala, and this will be remembered in a gathering as well as small Mass at the Hogar tomorrow morning.

Day 27 – Santa Ana

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6 thoughts on “Desayuno, Almuerzo, Cena

  1. Kayser Marc says:

    What’s this dark flap looks like??
    Gudden Appetit

  2. m frankl says:

    Beautiful photos! Thank-you.

  3. laughwithlea says:

    I miss eating platanos… Those were my favorite! Have you ever tried making those tortillas? It’s not as easy as you might assume, I learned! Thank you for the post.

    • Martin A. K. says:

      Yeah, I also fell in Love with the food here! And no, never tried…but sure something I will try (knowing how close failure is to trying) in the future! Thank you for subscribing!:)

  4. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

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