Something the Salvadorians have no experience with is a gringo with long hair. The first question ‘Does 5 sound good?’. Confused I turned around and see my hairdresser holding an electric shaver with a 5cm mask. Shocked and worried about my poor pelo I ask her if she could cut with scissors, and then only half a thumb length if possible. Here is where I made the big mistake; never go to a Salvadorian hairdresser and ask her to cut your, back then, long hair a little shorter. Most people run around with pelong (very short hair) and so she had no experience whatsoever. I would describe my hair as a muschroom with some stylish corners. I might just get pelong as well. Its worth a try, and its something they seem able to handle well here!

(Its nothing personal Ms. Hairdresser!)

In memory of my lovely hair, RIP.

Day 26 – Santa Ana

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4 thoughts on “Pelong

  1. Jk says:

    Photo por favor!!!

  2. meme says:

    Moien mein léiwe Jong!
    Mir fréen eis dat et DIr goud geet!
    Dein Rapport ass immens interessant. Mir si grad beim Paul an feieren dem Milly sein 70.Geburtsdaach!
    Ech roufen Dir geschwenn un!
    Bis dohinner en decke Kussi vum Pepe an der Meme

    • Martin A. K. says:

      Freet mech das et iech gefellt:) Ech hu mein handy nie ech ruffen iech demnext doheem un!! decke kussi un iech och! vermessen iech! (an MERCI fir d’gebeese…liewensretter hei hannen:D )

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