I have not seen a single mosquito in Santa Ana, but they seem to have no difficulties finding me. Now I am setting myself the challenge on somehow getting up that mosquito net over my bed, as the sprays 1, don’t seem to be doing what they are supposed to and 2, stink and aren’t really the healthiest thing. The worst part are my feet, here the mosquitos love to leave their marks, a spot where the desire to scratch is the greatest. A horrible thing these animals are! But luckily it’s the only animal that’s a real pest here. As far as I know there aren’t any other dangerous animals here apart from the mosquito with its dengue. (at least I hope this is the case)


Don Nelson has been so kind to give me a book about the Salvadorian civil war 20 years ago. A very interesting read, but some of the images (taken during this period) are very disturbing, and just let me feel how lucky I am that I got the chance to grow up in a peaceful country! Some horrible things happened during this war, but luckily the countries government is currently stable and everyone is against something like this happening ever again; a good thing some people learn from their mistakes!


Another interesting fact; getting my hair cut today! I am not only exited about what it will look like, but also how they will do it. Hopefully they wont shave it all off, even if this would be the easiest choice!

Day 25 – Santa Ana

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One thought on “Invisible

  1. Michou Reckinger says:

    Hi Martin,
    Einfach ganz begéschtert vun dengem Blog! Et ass immens flott ze liesen wei et dir gét a wats de erliefs. An och duech d’Photoen kann én sech dat richteg flott vierstellen. Warde scho gespannt op d’Photo vun dem neien ” hair cut”. DK bis geschwenn, Michou

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