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Sunday 16th was a very calm and relaxing (aka unproductive) day. It was my first Sunday here at the hogar (= the home). On Sundays everyone gets to sleep an hour longer, a real blessing to me. As many of you know I do worship my sleeping hours, but waking up at 6 instead of 5 still isn’t what I am used to. As I mentioned in my last post I have started taking more responsibilities, one consisting of helping serve food for desayuno, almuerzo and cena. So in the morning I have to get up extra early to prepare this; but at least it is a great way of integrating with people I would otherwise not have so much to do with. Here I mean the two cooks. I get along very well with them and enjoy their company.  This Sunday only about half of the kids where there as the others had gone on their home leave, a weekend they can spend at home. This takes place once a month and consists of all children with family, or family that are safe to return to. After breakfast I cleaned my room, which, once again, had turned into a mess. I never know how it happens, and why so fast, but my room is never safe of any mess. Sometimes I even wonder why bother cleaning, as after a few minutes it will just be messy again. But I take that this is my sense of organization that needs some adjustments! After, what I call, tidying my room (different people might have different opinions on my work here) I helped Don Carlos, the second educator, take down Platano from the field opposite the hogar. I always enjoy helping different people at different activities as it gives me the time to get to know each one of them better! Most of the afternoon I spent listening to music outside in the courtyard under the comforting heat of the sun.


Monday I spent in a bigger rush. Padre Gloden had arrived back from La Majada, and Don Oscar was also here, with whom I had to talk about some important stuff. For one I had to ask him about my schedule for Internet and English classes here at the home. I also had some organizational decisions to take on when the members of the ‘Fondacion Luxembourg – El Salvador’ arrive here in Santa Ana on the 22nd, where I needed his help. As it turns out I will be spending the next week with the group traveling through the country and visiting projects as well as some tourist attractions! I am exited about this as I am not sure if I could ever get enough of the countries beautiful landscapes. As for the classes, I will commence these in February, once I am back from my 1 week trip. Also I might give a 3rd group of classes in the workshops; computer classes. Exiting stuff that should keep me busy for the next few months!


Don Oscar has been so kind to give me a guitar so I can practice in my room during spare time. I still enjoy playing and am exited about how I will progress. Today I drove out with Don Nestor to do some shopping and decided to buy some ‘Teleton’ bracelets for the kids (the only leftovers I have are pink and purple…still working on getting an owner for these). Teleton is a fundraiser for handicapped children here in El Salvador. The kids are all happy that they got one (even one of the cooks wanted one…demand was high) so I am happy to have made them all happy. =)


I am in my room now, it is 9 o’clock at night and time to go sleep, as tomorrow ill have to be up at 5 again. By the way, that reminds me, I now have 4 huge spiders in my bathroom; never in my life have I taken such fast showers. And by the look of these creeps, I will probably never get used to them. (The following picture is one of the things not very uncommon to encounter on the streets here in El Salvador)


As a little extra, here a 3D panoramic view of the hogar (might take some time to load) :

Enjoy and hasta pronto.

Day 22 – Santa Ana

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