Minus 2

Two more kids left the home this morning without informing anyone and without any clear motive. They took their stuff and just left. I got to know Juan-Carlos and Hairo very well over the past few days. They were actually the first kids I talked to upon arrival, and it is very sad to see that they left. For now we can just wait and hope that they will come back. Once again, no one knows why they left. They were happy here and I would have never expected this from them. What scares me as well is that no one knows where they are; just think about it, two kids, one 10, the other 11 years old, alone in a country that in the first 9 days of 2011 already counts 108 official homicides.

UPDATE: One of the kids, Hairo, returned this morning. I was told he left because he was mad as his weekend trip home was canceled due to him misbehaving. He was strolling around the area of the home, until he decided to return this morning. Juan-Carlos, who left with him, has no re-appeared. He seems to have gotten lost or just decided to go his own way.

Day 15 – Santa Ana


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