Busy me

I have been very busy lately, not only with actual work, but also with getting life organised while still having time to relax! Sounds like a very bad excuse to me, but it is the only one I have to defend lazy me!

I am back home in Luxembourg at the moment, awaiting the challenges of the new year in El Salvador! I am very exited as to what I should expect! What surprises me is that I am not nervous (yet). But I take that this is only the case because it is very hard for me to imagine what it is going to be like. I love jumping into things with no or low prejudgments, so I have no expectations and won’t have to mess with my head beforehand! Whatever might come, it will be an experience that I will never forget! I will get to see the world from a whole new point of view! This will also help me for my further studies after my gap year! I want to study International Business, a subject that is not only of interest to me, but also a passion. I recently heard this quote “Passion is not something they can teach you in school, it’s something you have inside you that grows like a seed”. Hearing it made me realize how true it was!

I am already looking forward to studying, but happy with my current plans as they will help me mature and are an escape rout from this society that is not adapted to what our surrounding can handle, a fantasy in a world that is falling apart.

Before I leave you, here is a link to a website where my online presence unites:



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