How time flies!

Time really flies over here in Salamanca! It’s already been 3 weeks!!The past week I have been very busy so I didn’t have any time to update the blog!

I am still alive, and still enjoying my time here! I have been studying a lot of Math and Spanish and my head is buzzing! I think I really deserve this weekend! On Thursday the ‘Vuelte de Espana’ passed Salamanca. I was really hoping to see Frank Schleck (Luxembourgish cyclist), but ended up being so concentrated in getting a good picture that I didn’t see anything nor got a good picture…So a sad fail it was! Here are the pictures I managed to take:

On Tuesday I went to a bull fight; 6 bulls and 3 matadors! It was interesting to see, but nearly entertaining. More cruel than anything else to be honest! I didn’t enjoy it very much and won’t be going to one anytime soon! But it was a nice experience!

The Bullfight was also my first chance to use my new camera, the Nikon P100; here the results:

Apart from that I only studied the past week. Oh, and I got a haircut 2 days ago…not too great, but okay!

The weather is starting to worsen so I am going to go out not to enjoy the last of the sun here in Salamanca…adhios!


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