Welcome to Salamanca!

Hello everyone (anyone). I have safely arrived in Salamanca, Spain and am enjoying great Spanish lessons at the colegio de espana, just 3 minutes from my flat! I have been here for over a week now, and, so far, have enjoyed every second of it! Some Spanish is starting to settle in and I am finding it easier to understand and communicate with locals! Social life is also good! I have met many new people, from classmates, roommates to people I encounter when enjoying the great ‘fiestas’ here! They are all really great and fun to hang around with! But of course I am missing my family and friends, and even my dog, back home in Luxembourg! Thankfully there is something called internet (especially Facebook and Skype) which helps me stay in touch!
Salamanca itself is a beautiful city! There are many vintage buildings (such as the cathedral, the school, etc.) as well as many bars, restaurants and parks!
When I first arrived with my mother, we toured the old city and climbed the cathedral! I still hard for me to believe that I live in a city where I would usually just be a tourist! I am even beginning to see me as a local, and so feel special, as if I were part of this beautiful place!
One of my favorite spots is the Plaza Major, especially at night! It’s a huge square with restaurents and bars and an open square in the middle where you can just chill with friends or go on the internet with the free wifi that’s provided! In the evening, after 8, the square is lit by hundreds of lights! It is a magnificent view!
To not forget about my health with all the studying and partying I have gone biking a few times! As soon as you leave the borders of the city you feel as if in a desert! Its one of the only negative points I find about this city It’s the city surrounded by nothing but bold, dry landscapes! Still I enjoy biking here. On the way back to my flat I get a magnificent view on the old city center and the cathedral sticking out in the middle!
So far Salamanca has been a great experience, and I’ve only been here for a week and a half! I hope this stays, and don’t see why it would change!
Hope to have you again soon! Adhios!

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